Software and Services:

The Software Mooble ("Software") is a computer program wholly owned by MOOBLE.COM, protected and regulated by Law 9.609/98.

So that meets its functionality, the Software keeps a multifunctional plataform to insertion and share of informations, data and projects, drawings, comments and other informations.

Through the Software our users create, download and share, informations, data and projects whose content can be related to privacy, brands, patents, industrial designs, copyright, among others fundamental rights. MOOBLE.COM respects these rights and diffuses good habits, reason why releases this Privacy Policy for previous knowledge, orientation and accession.

Our Privacy Policy includes administrative procedures, tecnology and staff engaged in protect your personal or commercial informations against misuse, appropriation, loss, alteration, destruction, disclosure and unauthorized access.

Accession to Privacy Policy

The Software use presupposes prior acceptance and Privacy Policy compliance.

Accession to this rules is precedent condition to the use of the Software. In case you do not agree with the Privacy Policy, you should not use it.

Are subject to the Privacy Policy:

Procad - owner and the copyright holder of the Software, protected and regulated by the Law9.609/98, and sole owner of the respective brands, with regulation by Law 9.279 / 96.

User: individual or legal entity using the Software.

Partners: companies whose products or services are being offered on Mooble.

Consumer: final receiver of products or services, in the terms of the art. 2º and sole paragraph of the Consumer Protection Code - Law 8.078, of September 11, 1990.

Privacy Policy:

MOOBLE.COM and Software Users, in order to preserve the fundamental rights and protect data, must respect the following Principles of the Privacy Policy.

  1. Personal and Commercial Data - Are personal and commercial data the name, marital status, nacionality, CPF number, RG number, adress, membership, phone, electronic mais (e-mail), images, specifications and commercial conditions of products or services, draws, projects, credit card data, among others informed or transmitted within the Software.

  2. Respect obligation - All Users, indistinctly, undertake to take the legal precautions to preservate these fundamental rights in use of the Software, by himself, its employees, employees or representatives. Only use materials that respect the rights, belonging to you, or with permission to do so.

  3. General principles - Are general principles about privacy, image and proprietary rights on use of the Software.

    • Keep transparency standards and correction in the collection and use of data.

    • Not reveal or share personal data to any person, individual or legal entity, without the prior consent of the owner.

    • It is expressly consented the transmission of personal or commercial data within features of the Software, in order to allow its proper operation.

    • MOOBLE.COM can use your personal informations to send important warnings, such as communications about purchases and changes to our deadlines, conditions and policies. When it comes to relevant informations for your relation with MOOBLE.COM or the Software, it is not possible to opt not for receiving this type of communication.

    • MOOBLE.COM shares informations, including personal, with its employees and third services providers, such as information processing, credit operation, softwares delivery, customer data management, customer service, research. These companies are obligated to protect your information.

    • To meet privacy requirements, MOOBLE.COM has a permanent communication channel, through the Portal, phone, e-mail, or communication with our employees.

    • The Software and services use do not admits offense, defamation, threats, harassment, abuse, or other forms of rights violations.

    • MOOBLE.COM assumes no liability for Users acts that might compromise the good reputation of its products and services, as well as offering a violation of rights.

  4. Obligatory Revelations - MOOBLE.COM or the Software User may be compelled by Law or act of authority, including judicial, to reveal data or images. In these cases, within the legal limits and reasonableness, the disclosure must be restricted and reveal only required data.

  5. Allowed Revelations - MOOBLE.COM may disclose data and personal informations or join them with other to protect the Software and improve products and services, content and advertising. Also, in the corporate restructuring hypothesis, merger or sale of interest MOOBLE.COM is authorized to transfer all and any personal information or commercial to the related third party.

  6. Children and Teenagers - Our Costumers and Users are capable people. We do not work nor get informations from children or teenagers. In case MOOBLE.COM take notice of informations or personal data from children or teenagers measures for the immediate exclusion will be undertaken.

  7. Effective - The Privacy Policy is valid for an indefinite period, it can be updated by disclosure on the wabsites and/or Software by MOOBLE.COM.

  8. Applicable legislation - This Privacy Policy is governed and interpreted according to the Federative Republic of Brazil laws.